Friday, November 30, 2007

Cute or Not

So this post is for Matt! The weather has turned a little chilly and my dear Kira didn't have a coat yet, so I was shopping online and in catalogs and I came across this coat in Hanna. I saw it and fell in love. It was different and no one else was going to have this coat so I had to get it. Everywhere I go people tell me what a cute coat, ect but Matt doesn't believe me. So maybe if any of you think its cute let me know just so I can prove that I am not the only one! Thanks!

Monday, November 26, 2007


And the hOliDaYs have begun! I can't believe that ThAnksGiVinG has come and gone. We decided that we would go to GrEnsBoRo and spend Thanksgiving with my Aunt Nola and her family! We stayed with Cheeto, Shena and their 3 kids. We had so much FuN and Trae loved being there with the kids. He had to go everywhere the kIDs went the boys were good sports to let him follow them around!

Shena and I went to Target at 6 am Friday morning just to say we went! There just wasn't great sells this year! But I had to go since I go every year can't stop the tRaDitIoN! Then Matt decided that he wanted to go shop later that day and after we were done he said to remind him never to go shopping the day after again!

I am now ready to get my house dEcOrATed for Christmas! It will be our fIrSt year to put up a tree. Since we leave for Christmas I normally do everything but the tREe, this year I thought Trae would enjoy having a tree and other Christmas things around. So wIsH me luck!

The Kids

Monday, November 19, 2007


Last night we were just playing around with our video so I thought I would post a few videos. Enjoy! They both are changing so much.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My atempt to take photos

I tried to hard to go and take the kids' pictures since I haven't don it yet. I dressed them so cute got all ready and Trae was excited to go outside and take pictures. He is normally such a cheeser. But not this time. I was bribing and everything and he wanted a treat but didn't want to hold Kira at all. As I was telling my mom she didn't show it but I know she was giggling to herself as I am sure anyone with kids is cause I'm not the only one that goes through this with little kids. As we were putting the kids into the car Matt said "Your such a good mom you try so hard with all these cute ideas and sometimes these kids don't go with it" I agreed. So we will try again soon maybe inside. Mom enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Since I have been tagged a few times I figured I better finally do it!
7 things people don't know about me!

1. I still sleep with a fleece blanket by my face like I did when I was little.

2. I would much rather eat something sweet than something healthy. I think my dear son has my sweet tooth.

3. One day I would love to have my own photography business. Maybe that's why I take so many photos of my kids.

4. I think it would be so fun to run a wedding/reception hall with my mom. Which is one of her dreams as well.

5. I may look put together but I pray everyday that I can make it through the day and have Trae think it was a great day and have fun. Maybe one day we will work on doing some projects for me.

6. I miss my family like crazy!

7. I still love to listen to music and break out into dance! This is one of Trae's favorite things to do with mom! I can still remember some dances that I did back in the day!


Monday, November 12, 2007

New PJ's

Auntie Yaya and Uncle Dusty sent me these pj's for my birthday. I absoulutly love them. Auntie Yaya wanted to see how cute I looked so I had to pose for a photo! I tell my mom all the time that they are warm and cozy! Thanks Yaya! Love you and miss you!

Blessing Day

What a wonderful day! I think everytime you bless a baby so many feeling s come ruhing in. For me anyways. As we blessed Kira J I thought she is so precious. What an amazing gift from our Father in Heaven that he gives to us! As I held her after the blessing and she was just peacefully sleeping I just had to smile, she is just the sweetest thing.
We were lucky to have some family come and share this experience with us. The Richards crew from DC and the Arellano crew from Greensboro. It was very nice to have family here with us an dto sit and visit with all of them. Its so hard to be away from family when you do anything like this.
My dear Trae as Matt was walking up to bless Kira went walking behind him and didn't like that I wouldn't let him go so I had to take him out cause he was cring so bad. But I did get to hear some of the blessing. She is a special spirit!

Kira's Blessing Dress

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trae's Birthday Pics

I was trying something new! So many fun and new things you can do with your blog!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Trae!

What a day we have had! Trae woke up this morning and was yelling for me so I walked into his room and asked "Whos birthday is it today?" Trae got the biggest smile and said TRAE! and our day started from there! He opened presents through out the day and loved everything he got! He also loved all the call he got from family! Trae's favorite song to sing is Happy Birthday and he sings it to every family member at least twice a day so has everyone called and sang to him he had the bigggest smile on his face and sometimes said "Again." We had some friends over tonight to have cake and ice cream Trae had a ball. He always likes it when people come to visit! (hint, hint) But all in all I think he had a great day! which is all a mom can ask for!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Day!

I think we have found Trae's favorite holiday! He had the beat time going Trick or Treating! Early in the evening we went to the stores down town. He was very polite said thank you and everything. Then later that night we went to some friends houses so they could see him just kind of made the rounds. Then Kira was getting hungry so Matt said well I will just take him up and down the street and he said Trae was use to getting a bunch of candy from our friends that when he said Trick or Treat and when Matt asked him what he says Trae said "MORE" I had to laugh. You try so hard to teach them manners but aren't kids sometimes just honest in what they want to say! Needless to say we all had a fun time and I'm sure Halloween will just keep getting more fun as the years keep coming!