Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Shirts!

The kids got new shirts from Grammy today. Trae was so excited that he hos to have both of them put them on and take pictures. This was the only one of both of them I could get before Kira ran away.
She had a mouth full of granola bar that she wouldn't smile and the fact that she was running away from me.
Trae was just as excited about the fruit snacks.

Happy boy!! He likes telling me who everyone is! Thanks Grammy they were a hit!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random pics

Here is my funny Trae thinking he is super funny since he put Kira's pj shorts on!
Kira loves to run to the table to see if she can get up on it before I catch her. She had success yesterday when she found Tra's donut but at least tried to share with someone!

Trae loves to pull funny faces right now and just wanted me to take his picture.

I got Trae some rock candy after my manicure but Missy found it!

Kira's new little bows for her piggys!!

Our Buddy Brady!!

Our good friends the Holts came to sell this week from Corpus! I was so excited when I got the call from Christanie telling me they were coming! We had so fun having them here. Trae and Kira loved Brady. Trae was the best helper was always making sure Brady was ok and it was a bonus cause he got to sit by Brady in the car! Best of all I could be a Brady hog when my kids let me and I didn't have to share holding him with anyone!!
Here is our Brady! We have got to see him a couple of times but I forget to take pictures.
Trae getting to hold Brady for the very first time.

Me with Trae and Brady! Thank you so much Christanie and JJ for coming I know it wasn't for my sake but you sure saved me while Matt was gone! We had so much fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The letter T!!

Trae just barely wrote his first letter by himself! He turned to me and said look mom a T. And it really was. So he is now just writing T over and over. I guess it is time to get the books that teach him to write his letters. Way to go Trae! You are amazing!

Hows BV Dad?!

Matt is back in VA doing stuff with the school and also packing our house! I have to say I was a little jealous that he got to go back but I am grateful I don't have to pack my house!! :)
We just wanted to say we miss you Dad and don't forget Trae's sucker he is a little worried you are going to eat them or not find one. Love you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doctor Visits!

Kira my sweet 1 year old can get Trae to do anything! I use to have a little boy who never really climbed on things, or got into things he wasn't suppose to. But now since sweet Kira J has come along and she gets him going and doing things that they aren't suppose to do. This is one of their newest ones. I moved my love seat away from the bar cause I got sick of them climbing up on the top of the bar so I thought well I will move it by the window well now they climb over and stand on the window seal. Kira always knows when she is doing something wrong cause you look at her and she start bouncing and laughing then gets Trae laughing. Domino effect!
We also just went to the doctor this morning for Kira's 1yr check up. The doctor was very impressed with how Kira looked and was amazed how good she was walking. She weighed 22 pounds (62%) and was 31 1/2 inches tall (97%). She is tall but on the charts she is in the normal slop. She is our healthy baby!
I had him look at Trae as well cause he just hasn't really been growing. And was just seeming really short compared to Kira. Granted he has a short mom! The doctor had him weighed and measured I remember that he was 35 inches but I don't remember his weight. But they charted it and we went back to talk to the doctor and he had a huge drop in both weight and height. So he was a little concerned about it. He referred us to a genestics. We are going to have to wait until we get to Idaho since we leave in a week. So another thing to add to our list for Trae! Poor guy. So if anyone knows of an amazing Pediatrician in Idaho Falls let me know or the area! I do have to say that he is our sweetest boy and so concerned for everyone. He just makes all of us feel so loved and happy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playdough FUN!!

Trae has never really played with play dough before. I hate it when it gets in the carpet so I have chose to wait a while. But Grammy sent him a wallet with money in it and it has been burning a hole in his pocket. So we went to Target the other day and he had this dumb toy in his hand but we then walked by the play dough aisle and I got excited so I told Trae this would be so much more fun. So he got super excited and decided to get this. And we play with it at least 2 times a day more if I would let him. So thanks Grammy it has been a hit. He now has to take his wallet everywhere we go. I don't know what he is going to think when he runs out of money. We will see as Trae would say.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Opening Presents!

The night before Kira's birthday I let Trae stay up a little later and we decorated her door. He had so much fun. He kept singing Happy Birthday to Kira the whole time.
Trae was so proud of his picture he drew for her door he needed his picture taken by it! And Kira loved it she carried it around for a bit.

Right when she woke up. Can we say bed head?!

Trae picked her out a ball and she loved it. She went for it very first.

A new purse from Alyssa and Greg. With a cell phone cause she loves to talk on the phone if no one is there but if someone is on the other end she just has a huge grin and listens.

Yaya and Dusty gave Kira new shoes. Trae had to take her on a walk every time she wanted them on.

Getting the microphone that Yaya gave her to sing the songs. She saw it and was like hey I have seen this before and I know how to work it she was very impressed with herself.

Trae trying on her gloves that went with the purse. So lovely Trae.

The whole time she was opening presents she would scream and hand you the paper, so you would take it and then she would just smile.

Checking out the books Grammy gave her. Which she had to taste them right away and bite one already. What am I going to do with her.She also gave her her first pearls but I haven't got a picture yet. It will come they are so precious.

Her new car seat that Mom and Dad gave her. She loves it and thinks she is hot stuff when she sits in it. We put it in the car this morning so she could ride to church facing forward and she was smiles the whole way. She is getting too big.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's My Party!!!

Yesterday was Kira's birthday we had a party for last night. She loved it! Whenever someone would come she would go to the door and wave high. It was too cute. She loved everyones attention.

Grammy gave her a tiara. She didn't really want to wear it but was a sport for a bit. I thought I did her hair so she could wear it and it would stay but I should have just done it with one pony. But I did get a few pics.

Trae was a pretty good sport for most the day. He wanted his picture taken with Kira but he was a bugger when he got up. So I had to get a picture of his lovely face.

I made her her special little cake that she got to eat.

All the cakes. Trae said we had to have cupcakes for her party. And then I ordered an ice cream cake that wasn't very good. Live and learn.

Trae got Kira a ball so now they each have their own. He was quite impressed with his choice.

The pinata was a hit. I forgot to get pictures before it was a super cute pink number 1.

Here comes the cake. She wasn't quite sure about the singing and candle.

Dive on in.

She would get a chunk of cake then just start sucking her hands.

She was a mess. It was worse when I took her shirt off and it got all over her hair. But she did enjoy herself. Which is all that counts.
Happy Birthday Kira we had such a fun day with you!!