Monday, June 29, 2009

Trae's Medical Update

Well we have made our first trip (of many) to Primary Children's Hospital to start our search in finding what is going on with our little Trae. We met with the genetics and it went well. He did keep asking us why we were there to see him cause he really didn't see anything wrong with Trae. I told him I am asking myself the same question. I just want answers. He was very good and Matt and I came away with some comfort in the answers he gave us. He think Trae has Hypotonia. click here for a full detailed description. It is mainly low muscle tone. But it still didn't answer our question as to why he is not growing. The only thing they did was a X-ray of his hand to check his growth plates, but are waiting to hear the results on that one. We are also so concerned about his breathing while he sleeps so we finally got a little in sight on that. They think maybe with his Hypotonia his muscles in his throat could be collapsing while he sleeps and that could be causing it. So we have a appointment Aug 7 at the Sleep Clinic at Children's. Hopefully it will give us some answers and find what is going on.
All in all it was a step in the right direction I think we will be going forward from here on out. But through all this and more to come Trae is such a trooper and a great sport with all these doctors. I love the doctors we saw at Children's as did Trae they just put the kids at ease and it it the best medical place for kids.
Thanks to everyone for all your prayers, love and support. We are very blessed with our family and friends.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Well I am sure most of you know but I was just think I have never posted about me being pregnant! I keep getting request about posting a picture of my belly but you know I have never been one to take belly shots and I had Trae take one last week but it didn't look very good so needless to say I haven't posted a picture maybe this week when Matt is home. But we did have an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and we are having a BOY!
I think we all kind of thought it was a girl cause my dear Trae always said it was a little sister that I was going to have. So in my mind I know it was very content on having another girl. Trae was saying as well that if it was a brother that he was going to be mean. So after the tech told us it was a boy we explained to Trae that he could teach his brother to play ball and be nice. So Trae was a little better after that and by now I think has warmed up to the idea of a little brother. But little Missy on the other hand points to my belly and says baby but I don't think she is going to like sharing her mom when the baby comes. She is a little stubborn when it comes to her mom so we will see but I know she will be a great helper cause she loves babies and can't get enough of them. Changes always in our house but it is great!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have decided that every week we really need to have a homemade pizza night! My kids love it and I need to just remember to do it more often. When I lived with my aunt we always had homemade pizza every Friday night. And it was always a night I looked forward to so I am going to carry that tradition on with my family.

Kira just kept hitting the dough and it would get her hands a dirty. Trae just wanted to make sure that his got big.

Notice the cheese on Trae's is almost done but Kira was having a hard time getting hers on her pizza and not in her mouth.

I tried to catch Trae in action sneaking cheese but he was too fast.

This one is mine Mom.


All our pizza are ready for the oven.

Finished product and ready to be eaten

Very pleased with herself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Thank you Grammy! Today the kids got some sunglasses in the mail. They were pumped since they always try to wear hers when she is here. And Kira even seems to break them go figure. But it was such a cloudy day but the sunglasses were on while in the car and in the house. They love them and I have to say look pretty cute if I say so myself.

Floating the River

So the pictures all got uploaded backwards. Matt and his brother and brother in laws went to float the river on Saturday. they had a grand time well everyone said they did but Matt was vocal in telling everyone that it wasn't fun. I think in the long run after the hot cocoa and the warm shower he was glad he did it. I am just glad I didn't have to go with them.
The funny thing was they had a crowd at the bridge where we were all waiting to see them. then They decided to go again and they had a crowd to watch them at the beginning. Everyone wanted to see how ridiculous they were for going.
Fun times in Lava this weekend.

Bike Riding!!

Trae has got the concept of pedaling!! So as we don't really have a sidewalk it has been hard to just let him go ride his bike but when Dad was here last time he took Trae down the dirt road. Trae did great and he loved it. So I am sure when this rain goes away we will be going down the road over and over.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Stuff on My Bow Blog

I have added some new bows and have decided to sell these baby legs! Go check it out! The Little Bowtique