Friday, January 30, 2009

Picture Princess

A little while back I happened upon this site with the cutest dresses for Kira! It was Shabby Apple. They have such fun and different dresses that no one around here will have. But they are now having a little contest for a new little princess to model some dresses. So I thought it would be fun to enter Kira.

Kira J has such her own little personality that has been developing everyday! It's so fun that now she is becoming a little girl that likes her dresses and her pretties (bows or flowers) in her hair and of course you have to have the shiny lips like mom. And her favorite thing to do is show off her look after she is done getting ready!!
I think she would look super cute in the Peach Cobbler or Vineyard dress.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Families are Forever

I love to see the temple I'm going there some day....
My little family gets to go to the temple to be sealed. What a blessing this is. It had been a long road to finally get to this point with all the paper work and with us moving so much we finally got it all taken care of and we have a date for March 21! We are so excited it will be a great day.
I just got tickets to go to the Draper Temple Open House so I think Trae will like that that he can see inside the temple and ask all his questions I'm sure he will have before we go and get sealed.
I am so very grateful for my family and I love them to death they bring me so much happiness my life would be so boring without them! Love you guys!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Can you believe he is old enough to start preschool? I can't! I have heard great things about Miss Gibbons' preschool and so I made a phone call to see if I could get Trae in for the Fall and she told me well I have an opening now then he will be guaranteed spot in the Fall so I said ok lets do it! I told Trae and he was pumped. He was ready at 8 am and school didn't start until 9am. So needless to say we were a little early!
When I dropped him off he was not wanting me at all. He asked me what I was going to do while he was at school when I told him I was cleaning he said ok, gave me a hug and kiss then said bye! I went to pick him up and he was all smiles! I am so glad he loves school and did so good! I am sad not to have him with me but am so proud that he is such a grown up boy!
I love you Trae!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Pictures

We finally had our family pictures taken a little while ago and I just got them yesterday and I love them. We traveled to Utah but worth it all! We had an adventure to get there We were running late, Kira had nothing to wear that matched us, Trae peed his pants and just wanted to go to the bathroom outside (which we never do so who knows where that came from), and I forgot all my bows! What a morning! But we had Aubrey Boulton take them and she was great and very patient with the kids since they weren't smiling and stuff! But here are the pictures!

Us With Our Kids

The Kids

Our Trae

Sweet Kira J

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A new way to eat!!!

What a way to eat! You would think that it was less messy but its not. She doesn't really like touching food with her hands so if she can she will bend down and just put her face in the plate. She is so proud of herself.

What flexibility she has!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

ISU game and crazy hair do

Trae hasn't wanted to come to the games with Matt and I cause we have found the best babysitter so he would rather play with her. But the other day he really wanted to go and there was a ticket for him so he got to come. He was in heaven. He was so excited to hold his ticket and then before it started he had to stand on the sidelines with Matt to watch the players. Then at half time he got to give the guys high-fives highlight of his night.

The morning of the game the kids were just going to be home so i let Trae do his hair crazy just how he likes it. But then he decided to go to the game I couldn't make it go down so he went out lookin like a crazy boy! He loved it.