Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My motto and my friend

My dear friend stitched this for me because I use to always say this and her not so little anymore girl started saying it. Through out all the years I have always had this in my room or somewhere in my house. It now sits on m kitchen counter so I look at in constantly through out my day and it is such a good reminder that my day needs to be happy. I also think if my friend Shelli who made this for me and her girl Brinn. With life so crazy I want to do all these things and go visit friends and it seems like time goes so fast but as I have been thinking of my friend Shelli she has motivated me to start stitching again it is something I really enjoy doing and haven't done it forever since I lived with her. So this is what I am going to make next

Shelli has such a talent in creating unique patterns and putting them together with a frame or a pillow. Here is where you can find this Wicked pattern here and if you want to find other fun things to create then hop on over to her blog Needle in a Haystack.

Just have been thinking of my sweet friend Shelli and her family.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin carving Jolley style

As much as I love Halloween I hate carving pumpkins. It's messy, nasty, and just gross. And Matt dislikes it more than I do but is a good sport every year. This year I saved the day I found these dress up pumpkin things and they were the best thing ever the kids loved it cause it didn't take forever to do and they could help more than carving and they are just cute.

Dax the Pirate
Trae the spider
Kira the cat
Yes another one of Dax cause he got mad I wasn't taking his picture.

Conference Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we just had. I love Conference weekend but I now have the hardest time just sitting and watching, I feel like I have to be doing something so I found some crafts to keep my hands busy.
Wow I feel like I am recharged and some things I want to be better with but the spirit that is there is wonderful. Even Trae wanted to watch so he could play his conference Bingo or coloring a picture that the speaker was talking about. And just being able to be home for a weekend is great.

Dax loved being in the tent and was very entertained.

Trae and Kira had a basket full of crafts and things to do throughout the different sessions.
These are some countdown blocks that I made still need to make another birthday set but I did get one completely done. :)


now that it a licorice smile. Matt thought he was sneaking Dax a good treat and as you can tell Dax was not complaining. How can you tell this face no when he smiles so good at you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Living Room

Ever since we moved into our house I have wanted to decorate our living room so when you walk into our house it looks like some one lives there. And I have finally found some things I like and have put together the room. It's now decorated with Halloween and Fall but her are the pictures.

These 2 red chairs are my favorite. I wanted just a comfy chair to read a book in or snuggle the kids. And we have used them so much. Trae always sits up on the side Kira in my lap reading our new book order and library books. I am loving how it is turning out still little things I need to find like lamps but I walk in and think I love this room. Now onto the family ISU room down stairs and the master bedroom.