Thursday, December 24, 2009


There is just something that makes it finally feel like Christmas. Is going to temple square and seeing the lights. We haven't made it there yet it is going to have to be after Christmas this year. I love walking around and seeing all the beautiful lights and the nativity that is there with the story being told and as you look up in the building and seeing the big statue of Jesus Christ whos birth we are celebrating this season. Every year I try to do better at focusing on the true meaning of Christ. I was reading something the other day how there is so much service and showing of love through the holidays and how we need to carry that on through out the entire year. My Trae is such an example of helping others no matter what the situation is or who it is. So that is what I have been trying to do this holiday and my goal is to carry it through our year. So as we celebrate the birth of our Savior this Christmas season I hope that I as well as everyone that we can show our love to others by serving them all year long.

Merry Christmas to you all! Love ya!

Monday, December 14, 2009


While we were in Utah for Thanksgiving we went to visit Santa in Provo. The kids were not shy at all they went right up and sat on his lap and chatted away. It was cute. There were also a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the mall that they were thinking was pretty cool.
Christmas has been so fun with these two. I love having kids to keep the true meaning of Christmas in my mind. Every time we walk by the Salvation Army people ringing the bell he has to give them money and if he forgets his money from home and I don't have any he wants to go get some then go right back. Love him.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mom's Bakery

As many of you know my mom know how delicious her cookies are. She has finally decided to sale them. She is taking orders for Christmas this year and any other time throughout the year. So with out further ado here it is her very own bakery!

Cookie Crumb Bakery

905 Duck Horn Ct., Las Vegas, NV

(702) 759-9809

Cookies by: Lorraine Knox

Gift Packages and Baskets

____ Cookie Sleeve - $10.50

(6 Cookies wrapped in cellophane tied w/ ribbon)

____ Cookie Gift Bag w/ Ornament - $17.50

(8 Cookies individually wrapped & tied w/ ribbon)

____ Cookie Basket (12 Count) - $24.50

____ Cookie Basket (18 Count) - $37.50

____ Cookie Basket (24 Count) - $49.50

(Baskets are wrapped in cellophane & tied with a festive bow & holiday ornament)

Individual Cookies - $1.69

____ Lorraine’s Sugar Cookies

____ White Chocolate Lemon Streusel Bars

____ Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip w/ Walnuts or Pecans

____ Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip

____ Double Chocolate Fudge w/ Pecans

____ Double Chocolate Fudge

____ Rocky Road Brownie

____ Rocky Road Brownie w/o Walnuts

Cookie Tip #1

Be Careful Who You Give These Cookies To…..

They’ll Be Your Friend For Life!

Just some Pics

Our Dax

Happy Birthday Trae!!

The first of November was Trae's birthday. He thought he needed to party all week long! (yes he is my son) So we did little activities throughout the week. But then had a great party at a gym. He loved it as well as all the kids.

The only thing he told me he wanted was a pirate ship and I found one last minute. Go Mom!!
Loves Tinker Toys

He wanted a Treasure chest cake and since I had just had a baby Grandma Sue came to the rescue and made his cake. He loved it.
All the kids in the pit

Kira was in her own world but had a great time

Dad and Kira jumped in the pit together it was the only way Kira would get in

So happy to be there having a birthday party.