Saturday, October 25, 2008

Potty Update!!!

Just thought I would share how proud I am of my Trae! We are on day 5 of potty training and Trae is amazing! We have a maybe 5 accidents and he has pooped in the toilet twice. Yes I am SHOCKED!! We have ventured out of the house and he has done great so I think we are officially out of diapers in the day but we are still waiting for the night to be dry!!


Fun Fall Activities!!

We have found a new activity that we love to do! Going on a walk in the WAGON!! We have never had a wagon to use so we took advantage of Aunt Amanda's while we have been in Soda.

We also made Halloween cookies and let the kids mostly decorate them. Kira quite enjoyed putting her fingers in the frosting and the cookies that were just freshly frosted.

Yes she is one happy girl after just getting a a huge finger full of frosting.

We also made sucker spiders! Trae didn't like just the plain black legs so he added some flair to his spider!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new kind of tub!!

The other day Kira was watching us do dishes and she really wanted up. I don't really think to help more to just play. So Grandma Sue just put her in the tub and she was in heaven!! But of course Trae had to join in the fun. So here are some of the more calmer pictures.

She looks really innocent here but I am sure she had just gotten done splashing a flooding the counter.

Potty Training!

So we have tried the potty training thing again. Trae has been around a lot of his cousins that all go potty in the toilet so he has felt a little left out since he wears diapers. So he sat on the toilet a little last week but we are trying it 100% since last evening. We have only had 2 accidents and they were my fault. (I didn't find a bathroom fast enough and I shut the light off) So needless to say he is doing so good. He was talking about school and I told him he can't go to school if he wears a diaper so that is what set off the effort for Trae. But whatever works. I am hoping this will really stick and we will be out of diapers in a week! Wish us luck.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ice Skating and Update!!

We went ice skating for Alivia's Birthday last weekend Trae had a ball. Since his parents aren't very stable on ice skates Uncle Greg and Aunt Lisa said they would help Trae since he really wanted to go. Trae was going super fast with Greg he would get his little legs moving so fast and he thought it was so funny! But he loved going! Thanks guys.

Well here is our medical update on Trae. We took him to a doctor that works at the Failure to Thrive Clinic since we couldn't get in anywhere else.(we have just been worried since Kira is not much shorter than Trae and it just has seemed he isn't growing much) We loved him he was great and very helpful. They took blood last week while we were there to test it. They called us yesterday and his blood work is perfect but he still wants us to take him to the geneticist to see if there was a underlying problem. So we can get in sometime in March with him. Until then we have an appointment with the ear throat and nose specialist on Monday and will have to go into the Urologist as soon as I get an appt. Our Poor Trae but he has been a trooper with it all. He did get to go to Jumping Jacks after his doctor appt so that made them taking blood not so bad.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Picture Tag!

The tag: go to your fourth picture file, and post the fourth picture in that file... then tell the story.
Wow do I miss the nice weather. This picture was from this summer. We had a morning with Dad so we went miniature golfing. Trae loved it this wasn't the best picture of his excitement but it shows how hot it was with his bright little red face.
I tag: Kylene, Ali, Alyssa, and Shena

Monday, October 13, 2008

Love Pumpkin Patches!!!

Can you believe that there are green pumpkins? Trae was shocked.

Trying to lift the his pumpkin that he found be himself!

He was so proud of himself. Those were his exact words.

This is Kira's new smiling face. She even has a sound to go with it!Funny girl!

Trae was happy with his pumpkin choice. Kira was mad that uncle Dusty wouldn't give her her pumpkin sooner. Such a rough life she has.

Raspberry Jam!!

While I was in Utah this weekend I found some raspberries so I had to buy them. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Trae enjoying himself helping me wash the raspberries. I had to remind him not to squeeze them.

Ali had some as well so we helped her make jam. It was our first time making it by our self.

Ali you are doing an amazing job!

Our final product! And I still have some left to do something else with or more jam.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We are back to being ISU fans! We took the kids to the football game on Saturday. Trae had a ball. We got banners at the door so he was cheering and opening his banner throughout all the game. We went and got matching sweatshirts but they didn't have one for Mom so we will have to try again next time. Kira even did pretty good. It helps that we can have a couple seats around us empty to have some space.
If anyone wants to join us we will be at all the games. Go ISU!!

Tap Tap

Kira has quite enjoyed her time in the studio. She loves watching the girls dance as well as Trae he will just sit on the steps and just watch without moving or talking. It has been so funny to watch.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Goin' Fishing!!

This summer Trae has been asking to go fishing so we told him when we went to Idaho we would take him. He didn't really think that is was super awesome but he thought it was ok. Kira loved it she couldn't get enough of the fish. She would grab the fish and hold it even when it would wiggle she would just laugh.