Monday, June 30, 2008

Slumber Party!!

New tradition! We have decided to start a new tradition in our house. during the summer the kids don't get to see Matt at night so we thought it would be fun to have a slumber party in our living room on Saturday nights (but Kira is not invited to sleep with us) So we get to go rent movies and put ALL the cushions and pillows from the couches on the floor to make a bed then go and get all the blankets then have a party as Trae says. the kids loved it. My back only hurt a little the next morning but it was fun!

Curled hair!!

So my sweet Kira J will not wear headbands very often. She really likes to play with her hair if she is tired so a headband is first to come off. But my mom sent her the cutest outfit with a matching headband so I had to think of a way she could wear it. So I curled her hair and she did pretty good. It was kind of crazy curly but it was cute.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunglasses & Ear Peircing

Trying out Trae's new glasses. I couldn't get her to to keep them on ling enough but she has to open her mouth when she has them on . It is hilarious.
Thumbs up "2 cool kids"

Trae is so funny with glasses he always puts them om upside down and will walk around the stores or where ever with them on like this. Funny boy!

Yes you are seeing it right. I was at the mall yesterday and I just decided to get Kira's ears pierced. She did so good. She only cried for a little bit then she sat and held her bottle and fell asleep. What a good girl. Trae wasn't sure about it all cause they made his sister cry but now that he can touch her ears and she isn't crying he is good. Matt on the other hand keeps whispering to Kira that he will take them out so she shouldn't worry. It made him sad, he said she looked too old. But I have been wanting to do it for a long time and just now got around to doing it. I think it is super cute!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Build A Bear

I have been trying a new thing with Trae that if he does something good or will do some jobs we put rocks in a jar. But I take out if he isn't doing what he should be. It has been working pretty good. He will even tell me when he is not nice to Kira and I need to take some out. But he finally filled his jar after 2 weeks or so. Every time we go to the mall we have to walk into Build a Bear, so I thought this would be a good treat. And he loved it!
He picked this heart out to put in the bear.
Pushing on the pedal to fill his bear. He was just staring at the machine that fills the bears.

Waking up the heart. He got a little embarrassed so I had to help him finish the heart. Kira even gave it a kiss before we put it in.

This was Trae's favorite part. we had to bath the bear for awhile. Even when I was naming the bear he had to go back and bath him a little more. You stepped on the pedal and it was air that came out so you could fluff your bear and comb him as well.

Our bear named Jolley in his Dallas Mavs basketball outfit. It even came with a basketball. Trae was pumped.

He got his bear in his house and got to take it home. He carried it all around the mall. He was turning heads it was cute. The box was as big as him.

Jolley's new home is in Trae's closet.

Trae with him full jar and Jolley getting ready for bed. Yes his shoes are on the wrong feet. My dear son. We had just gone on our nightly walk before the kids go to bed.
GOOD JOB TRAE!! we are so happy that you filled your jar you are the best helper and brother. We love you!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Super Hero Naked Kids!!

This morning Trae pulled out his cape and put it on cause he needed to run fast. Well this is one thing he shares very well, cause everyone needs a turn going fast. So we were super heroes at our house this morning. Go Trae. He said this was his fast face.

She wouldn't even stand for me. The cape was a little big for her.

And here is my Trae running fast that the cape helps him to go even faster.


My sister Ali is going into surgery yet again this year to have her gallbladder removed. So we just wanted to tell her we love her and wish we could be there. Things will be great you are in our prayers. We love you too Dusty!
Love you and miss you!

We love beaters!!

The other day I made cookies and Trae and I were licking the beaters and Kira J got so mad that she didn't have one so I gave her the one I just finished which had a tiny bit left on it but don't worry she got every last drop of dough on it. They were very content just sitting on the ground watching me finish the cookies.

And she walks!

Last night we were just playing with Missy Missy and she likes to dive back and forth to us but this time she took 4 STEPS. So last night she took her first steps but today she hasn't really wanted to try much. So this is all I could catch on video sine she just flops down and crawls to the camera. She will do it if I am not recording her. So we will try again! Trae has also thought it was pretty cool.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A few projects

I have been feeling a little crafty so I made my sister in law this blanket and burp cloths for her friend! I loved the fabric.

Here is my new found love. I found this pattern to make these totes out of placemats that were super easy and cute! You could do a lot more to them but I loved how these turned out. For a beginner sewer I thought they turned out pretty good.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Apparently it is ok to wear two different pairs of shoes if you can't find the other one to the one you want to wear. Trae just got his first pair of flip flops and he has been wanting to wear them a lot but the other morning we were running to the office and he couldn't remember where he put the other shoe so he just said, " It's ok mom I will just wear my blue shoe." So it gave everyone a good laugh.
Just a fashion tip from a 2 year old for everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Trae helped me make Fathers Day brownies for Matt. He really likes to stir and lick the bowl! What a great helper.
Matt and his girl! He really wishes she was a Daddy's girl but she is a Mama's girl maybe someday!!

Dad and Trae at the baseball game he just went and had his baseball signed by the mascot. Trae thought it was great. Trae is hilarious. He asks Matt what he plays and Matt always says basketball then you ask Trae what do you play? Trae will say baseball and just laugh to get a rise out of Matt. But Trae loves playing with his Dad no matter what they play!
Babe thanks for being a great, awesome, loving, amazing, cool DAD!!! We love you!

Harligen White Wings

Saturday night we went to the Harligen White Wings baseball game. It was way fun. We just have a fun group of people in our office as well so we really enjoy our Saturday night out outings.

Us, Greg, Craig, Rob & Britney. We are missing the Hess' & Alyssa!!

Our family!

Trae was dying to get out on the field to throw the ball and give the players high fives. I guess when you are use to going to SVU games that is what you think you should get to do at every game.

Kira J cheering along with the crowd!
Matt and Trae got to run the bases after the game and meet the players. Trae was in heaven!
Mom and Trae with the mascot. Trae was a little scared at first but in no time he was wanting high fives and just going up and saying hi to him. He even signed a foul ball for Trae and now he carries it everywhere.
We had a fun night something we will have to do again!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So we have put the potty training on the back burner. Trae was interested in sitting on the toilet and reading books but not really going potty! So I got sick of just sitting in the bathroom all day long! So needless to say we are taking a break!
But I do have break through news! TRAE NO LONGER HAS A "B"!!!! What a happy day for Mom! It has only been 4 days but I have only had 1 break down and it was in the middle of the night which we can easily solve cause all you have to do is start singing Primary songs. He did find Kira's "B" today and wanted it but I hurried and cut it so short that he couldn't even use it and threw it right away. But he doesn't even ask for it anymore when we go to bed or at nap time. I have to say I was a little worried that I was going to have a 3 year old with a "B" I just couldn't take it from him when he just wanted it when he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. But he was ready to give it up!

We have conquered one major thing now on to the next! One day at a time!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Photos

So this weekend we went to South Padre Island to play! I thought what a great time to take family pictures. We have not had them done in forever and what a fun different setting than the ocean. They turned out pretty good considering we have 2 young kids who really don't want to sit still.

For the life of me I could not get Trae to just sit and take a picture but these are so cute of him they show his personality.

Missy just wanted to crawl and I didn't want her dress super dirty so I just snapped a few but still ok.Just the two of us! I was standing on my tippy toes just so I could get a little more height!
The girls. My little girl who I love dearly!
My boys! Trae was giving big hugs the whole time with these two!

Just a fun one! I love pictures like this even though you can't see our faces. Looking out into the big ocean!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Potty Time!

Thomas the Tank undies a Diego seat and we are set to start potty training! So tonight we were at Babies R Us getting diapers and Trae was wondering down the aisles and he came across the potty training section! He found an Elmo toilet and wanted it. I said no lets get a seat to put on the big potty! (I am not cleaning out the little toilets!!) So I explained how you put it on the seat and then you don't fall in! So he was pumped and was carrying it all around the store talking about how he was going to go potty like a big boy and he wasn't going to fall in!

Way to go Trae! He peed in the toilet tonight and got a treat but we did have an accident too but its a start! Wish us luck!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rockin' Out

The other night Alyssa came over after she got done running but was still listening to her Ipod she put it up to Kira's ear and Kira just sat there. At first she didn't know what to think but after a little bit she was loving it! It would fall out when she would move and Kira would grab the ear piece and put it right back up to her ear! So funny!
Just relaxing and listening to some tunes!

I really should be in bed but its kind of hard when I am enjoying myself with all the older people!