Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ISU Homecoming/Cheer Clinic

Kira is giving the thumbs up on being in the parade cause she was going to throw candy.

She loves Benny
My boys in their orange supporting the Bengals.
Lovin' the high 5s to Benny
Kira on the float with the ISU cheer leaders
Kira with the cheer leader she followed around the entire clinic.
Got her sucker from the parade and she is a happy camper.

A guy came a dumped a bunch of tootsie rolls in Dax's lap and he was in heaven.
Loves her daddy.

Kira did a cheer clinic the night before and learned a dance and some cheers. I don't know if she had a great time she said it was ok. But she loved performing at the game.

I found it......

my sisters cupcake I found and think I am one lucky boy. I ate it and it was delicious and now the floor is a mess but yummmmy in my tummy.
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Happy Boy

Just a couple pictures to brighten my day.
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First Day of School for Miss Kira J

This one was so excited about going to school. I didn't have her in one but then last minute she decided she wanted to go. So I searched and searched for a school and luckily for me a little boy wasn't potty trained in time to go to school so Kira J got his spot. She asks everyday if its school day Monday and Wednesday are the days she goes and comes home singing a song she learned. She is growing up so fast I just hope she is not as strong willed at school as she is at home.
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ISU vs Utah St

We have become friends with such a great family in our ward the Campbells. We didn't have a a babysitter for Dax so LeAnn said she would take him then Kira decided to go with them. What?! We needed to trade some how so we took their 2 boys and we had a ball. So much fun even tho ISU lost it was still a fun game and fun people to be with.
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Fair rides

I let the kids ride rides 1 day at the fair and if you ask Trae why he will say cause it cost a lot of money. So I let them pick the day and they chose to wait until Mariah could come and ride with them. The kids had a ball there were no lines and it was fun to have Tara there with me to talk to and help out with the rides and with Dax.

We laughed all day at these signs, they were on a few rides and we kept saying is this suppose to make us want to go on these rides?

Dax was a trooper this day he cuddled him up with his blanket and he was out for the entire time the kids rode rides.

This pictures was precious. Trae was standing by Mariah in the stroller and she turned to him and said I will hold you hand so you don't fall. She is the sweetest girl.
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My Daxer

Dax is now discovering new toys that are not the "baby" toys so much. He is growign so fast. He is still content on just crawling but will walk along things and with toys that go when you push them. He turns 1 next month and time as gone by so fast. But we enjoy every minute with him he is such a happy baby all the time.
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First Day of School

Well here it is again. School season is here and Trae is in his last year of preschool. He is such a poser and would not take one normal picture. As I looked at these he is looking older and more like a little boy than just my little Trae who is home with me all day.

Tipping his hat off to you. I'm off to school
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We had to get faces painted one day while we were at the fair.

Trae showing off his skills shooting the ball. He was seriously schooling all the other boys. It was fun to watch
And of course a ride on the train. It is always a fun time.
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