Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mermaid and Fish tank

There was a huge fish tank in one of the hotels so we took the kids. They were so amazed that the fish would swim right by them and they sat there a just starred at them all.
Then a mermaid came and went right up to the glass and played with Kira. She was amazed that there was an actual mermaid taht was in teh tank that came up to the glass right by her. The mermaid was trying to get to the other kids but Kira would jsut kind of slide down slowly to follow where she was going. Too cute.
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M&M Store

We took the kids to the M&M store while we were in Vegas I thought it had a lot more to do but no it was kind of lame but they thought it was great to see the M&M's and pick out what color of M&M's they wanted. Trae picked lime green adn blue and Kira picked 2 shades of pink. They were cute with the Yellow M&M that dressed up and was outside. So I guess it was worth it.

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Fun visitors from NC

We went to Vegas to see my mom but also cause my cousin was going to be there from NC to get some dental work done. We had a great time with our over night guests and realized we really do need to live closer to each other.
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Dax loves looking at himself in his little mirrior on his chair. It's just another little person to chat with.
Kira of course had to jump into the picture.
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Happy boy

My Dax is such a happy baby. Unless he is in his carseat. But he has started chillin in his chair just smiling and talking to himself.

His sister can not leave him alone she has to come and give hugs kisses and just a squeeze if he is up.
He does love his sister.
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Growing up

So my Kira has now graduated to a big girl bed. And she tells everyone about even if you have heard it before. I just took the one side off her crib but she loves it. We are waiting for her other big girl bed to come in the mail. She loves the independence that she can jsut go to bed by herself. She still will call for me to come get it most of the time especially if she knows she really isn't suppose to be getting up. I do love hearing her foot steps and her little voice announcing "Mom I wake up" So fun to get bigger but so sad that my girl is growing up.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sassy Oficer

Words can't really describe these pictures or the little girl that is in them except as her Dad would say "That's the princess."

My Dax

Checking out his new toy from Santa. He loves it! He will lay on it for like 15 minutes at a time. It's amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes.

He is starting to smile so much through out the day. The kids can really get him going its so fun to watch.

His favorite position right now while he has a stuffy nose. So cute

Dress ups

Grammy gave the kids some dress ups for Christmas and the kids love them. They try all the time to wear the costumes out instead of wearing their clothes. We have had a lot of fun with them.

Showing our big muscles.
Trae was being a very serious officer.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dax's Blessing

The Sunday after Christmas we blessed Dax. It worked out great cause all of our family were around. It was a great day. We are so blessed to have Dax in our family. Even Kira and Trae feel that way even if mom doesn't have as much time to play right now.

Our family with 3 kids. So crazy when I see pictures like this but yet wouldn't have it any other way.
Mom and Dad with Dax. He is even kind of smiling.
The wonderful family we have that supports us and loves us. Thanks everyone for coming.

Christmas Morning

Kira is such a girl. She was so happy with her big box of clothes that she opened. She changes her clothes a couple times while we opened that morning.
Trae quite happy with his Leapster.

Love their new games
Go ISU Dad gave the kids new ISU sweatshirts with their favorite player Mike on the back with his number.

It her baby doll.
Santa left us bells from his sleigh. Mom can you hear that. I BELIEVE