Sunday, November 28, 2010

Disney on Ice

A couple of days after Trae's surgery we went to Disney on Ice. We had so much fun it was just Trae Kira and me. It was fun to just have special time with the two older kids while Dax was with Aunt Lisa. My kids think they are Disney professionals but they sit at the edge of their seat and wait for the next story to come on it is great.
Before it starts we always get there a little early to walk around and look at everything and get some snacks for the show. There was about 10 minutes before the show is suppose to start and Trae leans over and says, "Mom I 'm ready for them to say Ladies and Gentelman" It was super cute. And at the end they pick out a Peter Pan and Minnie person to buy. Peter Pan and Mickey and gang were the favorite.

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Walking Dax

Dax is now walking all over the place not much crawling going on here and he is very happy with himself and he is getting pretty good. Now maybe we can keep his pants clean for a little longer now that he isn't crawling on the dirty floors.

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My Trae

Why do I buy my kids clothes cause they really would rather be in a costume or a jersey for Trae. Oh how he loves Toy story he is really Andy from the movie. He also likes to put her jersey on and do the starting line up for the Bengals but we have to call out all the names of the guys. We love our Bengals.

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My Kira J

My Kira loves dressing up and playing with baby dolls and her Olivia. She was dressed up and I wanted to get just a few pics of her. She is such a fun girl to have in our home she is a little spunky to say the least but I will take it all cause she is a sweet girl who loves to spend time with her family.

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Visitors and surgery

Kira hanging out with Kinley. Ali and Kinley stayed with us the night we got done with surgery. It was fun to have them here. When Trae got home all he wanted to do was lay by Kiney and cuddle with her.
Trae had surgery on Nov 9th and he was a trooper to say the least. We had to be at the hospital at 10am (mind you they wouldn't let him eat anything past midnight so he was starving) to check in and to all the routine stuff to get all ready. The nurse came in and was a very nice but wouldn't really talk to Trae cause he was so young she kept asking me what he knew and I finally told her just talk to him he will ask you questions and tell you what he knows. He says I'm going to go to sleep and then they will cut me open and when I wake up I will be able to eat. So when is the doctor going to be here? He was ready to get this all over with. Every nurse that came in he would ask can we go to surgery I am hungry!
He was very well educated before we got there I have found that if we talk about it a lot he really is the best patient and just does what he is asked and isn't surprised about anything. He gave us a hug and the nurse took him and Woody and Buzz off to surgery and he didn't even cry which made it easier for me to keep it together. It went longer than it was suppose to but he did great and it went good. It took him a little longer to wake up but there were no breathing issues at all so that was a sigh of relief and he was ready to eat when he was awake. He got graham crackers, juice and strawberry ice cream and then he really wanted pancakes so on our way home we stopped at Perkins to get him some. I feel very blessed that it all went well and there were no complications.

My happy boy Dax. He got to stay with my good friend Tara for the day while I was at the hospital and he was in heaven cause Tara could hold him whenever he wanted and he pretty much got all the attention for the day.

I am very blessed to have such good friends around me who are willing to help out.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Traes decorations

I did really bad at taking pictures so I took some from Grandma Sue since she did a little better than I did.

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A few more pics

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Trae!

Trae got to start his birthday celebration by going to an ISU mens basketball game in his new jersey. I asked him what number was his favorite before he knew what I was doing and he said 10 so i told him I was going to have a jersey made like the guys' and he said he still wanted number 10 cause it was his favorite number(and it really is) and Nic Mason was his favorite as well.

Every game he gives every guy a high five he won't sit down until he got everyone. Some of the guys will even stop what they are doing and ask where Trae is if he isn't there which doesn't happen very often Trae doesn't miss games.

After the game we went to Randy's gym. It's teh funnest place around to have a party in Trae's mind. Everyone young and old really does have a good time.

Kira loving being able to just jump into the pit.
Birthday boy in his Toy Story #5 shirt.

Kira and her friend Belle (said with a southern accent by Kira)
The group that came to celebrate Trae's special day.

The treat table.

Veggie shooters
Bottles of water
Trae with his cake
Happy Birthday to the best 5 year old boy. WE LOVE YOU TRAE!!!