Monday, August 23, 2010

Give Away!!!

My friend on her blog is reflecting back on summer and decided to do a give away. Click on her blog
Her blog is great to read. I always go away feeling uplifted, a little happier, and just feeling better. She is a great writer and so fun to read. Enjoy

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Played with sidewalk chalk and water this is what you get. He thought it was so funny

Kira was so into pouring water out of the pitcher onto the steps and onto her hand.

Serious Baseball Swing

The other day I was just playing with my camera and Trae came up to me and said "Mom will you take some pictures while I practice my swing?"

We have got one serious player on our hands.

New Bike

Kira finally got her new big girl bike!! She loves it fell off today so now she won't ride it unless she gets a helmet.

Trae thinks its great that they both have bikes that they can ride together.

Messy face boy just got done at the Bagelary eating a cinnamon stick. He loves giving me lots of hugs lately and just wanted to take a picture with me. Love this kid!!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kira J!!

Wow where has time gone. I still can't believe that 3 years ago Missy joined our family. And it hasn't been the same since. She brings so much life to our family. She has a spunky personality that you can not believe.
This is her cool thumbs up pose that she had to do
She is always pretending even at Applebees for her birthday dinner.
A happy girl with apple sauce and chicken strips.
We did ice cream sundaes when we got home so she could blow out candles on her actual birthday.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kira's Sweet Shoppe

Started off the day with Dax falling in the tub with Kira. Quite happy with himself.

The Shoppe
Rice Crispies
Dounuts (They were fav)
gummy bears
pink and white animal cookies
Laffy Taffy
Tootsoe rolls and taffy

cherry yogurt pretzels and mini whirly pop suckers

Strawberry and cream cake pops
#3 pink lemonade cupcakes

lunch sacks for the kids

The CaKe
Kira and Shae

All the kids taking a short break from the bounce house and water slide

Boston just hanging out

Sharing a present with Trae cause she got 2 water colored paints
Dax wanting his picture taken
New apron and chef hat she is ready to help me cook
Her new Olivia doll she takes her every where
New scooter from Gabe and the dudes
Dax giving Uncle Greg cuddles. Such a rare occasion
Birthday girl and cake
Blowing out the candles
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She had a great day and loved every minute of it. I could have been more thrilled of how it turned out.