Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Zoo

My mom was in town for my sisters baby shower and so I said come meet us at the zoo so they could play with Grammy. They always love a trip to the zoo.

The big black marble ball was a hit. Everytime we passed it.

Don't they look cute before our 3 hour trip at the zoo.
Dax was a trooper he just chilled in the stroller.
Lion water fountain the kids think it is fabulous.

Measuring up to the gorilla. Kira was so scared of this last year and this year she didn't want to leave it.

The elephant statue was huge but it didn't squirt water this time.

Yaya 8 1/2 months prego. Loved the sign

The elephants were so close this time we even saw the baby one.

Kira would not put her starburst down for a picture.

Me and the kids on Rhino statue.
The kids saw the tigers and were pumped. Aren't they just cute?!

Merry go round was a hit they could have rode it so many more times.

Trae thought it was really bright so he was checking out the map with Grammy's glasses
Train ride they Kira said chugga chugga choo choo the whole time

To end our trip the big ball you can get your hair wet on it

Fashion Show

We went to get Trae some basketball clothes for camp the other night and I had to get Kira something and she saw these Strawberry Shortcake pjs she was pumped. So she picked these.

Trae tried on every article of clothing I bought him but I didn't get pictures of them all. These are his poses for me. He is such a funny kid. He is so his Dad's boy.

These two....

Dax loves his sister. She is the only one that can really get him laughing hard. He looks for her if she is not around. In the morning Kira will sneak into his room while I am still sleeping and climb into his bed and I wake up to laughing. I will have Dax in bed with me sometimes seeing if I can get him back to sleep but if Kira comes in and just whispers he jumps up and has the biggest smile on his face.
This is how I find these two alot.

Lava Family Reunion

My cute boy just posing for the camera.

Yes the boys floated teh river again this year but no one fell in so they came back pretty dry.
Kira enjoying her dounut before bed.
Trae wanted his picture taken as well. We stayed in the Lodge this year at the Lava KOA. It was great there was plenty of room for Dax to just play and fell like we weren't on top of each other. Not that we have a big family we just have kids that need their own space.

Playing Volleyball over the fence

This is one of the kids' favorite games when the neighbor kids can't play they will sit there throwing the balls back and forth for as long as they can laughing and talking through the fence. It is fun to watch.

Starting the decorating

Here is my new shelf and vinyl that I did in the living room. One wall down a couple more to go.

Growth chart in Trae's room.

Trae's room that I am almost done with just a few more things then it will be set.

Tub Time is Fun Time

This little boy loves the water whereever he is. I have come to love tub time. For a few reasons. First I love to see Dax smile teh entire time he is in teh tub. 2. When Dax is grouchy and nothing is working put him in the tub and he is all smiles. 3 Sometimes this is the only way I can get ready or clean the bathroom.