Monday, August 17, 2009

Kira's Birthday Party

It was Kira's birthday on Sunday! My little girl turned 2 I still can't believe it!

To start off the morning she was helping me make her cake and cupcakes or rather eating the cupcakes and licking the beaters (her favorite)
Kira with her purse cake. It didn't turn out how it was suppose to but it was a rough one with the cake situation. So I was just happy to get one out.

We love pinatas for birthdays. So Grammy had one for the party. My kids just love it. Trae thinks its not a birthday party unless you have one.

He really tried to grab all the strings to open it up but we caught him in time.

Kira had a great day. Grandma Sue made her a sock monkey that was a dancer that she has been carrying around cause Trae already had one so they both play with them now together. She was a happy girl.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Train Ride

We got a call from Grandma Sue yesterday morning asking if Trae wanted to go on a train ride cause they had an extra ticket. Trae was pumped but Kira was not so I was hoping that if Kira and I went they would just let us on and we got on. Happy day.

Trae loves Sydnie Clark. She is the best! Of course I wasn't cool enough to sit by on the train or even get on the train with. If Syd is around then Mom does exists.

The Clarks!

Kira and I Grandma Sue and Shae

Trae giving the thumbs up for the ride.

Lindon Pool

While we were visiting Yaya and D we went swimming at the Lindon pool. It was a great day but had to be cut short cause of lightning in the area. Lame! But they had a great kids area, lazy river and a slide that the kids loved. D is always a trooper in taking the kids down the slide and stuff. Love swimming.

Trae just went everywhere with his life jacket.

Jumping Jacks

The crew who came to Jumping Jacks with us! Grammy, Trae, Kira, me, Yaya, Dusty (or D as Kira calls him now), Jeff and Kitani

Fun times sliding down the slide by themselves.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Wow I could have lived in any era!




Just to make it fair I posted some pics of me as well. I really love the hair do's in the 60's. The sad thing is I really did have hair like the 1992 picture. Love it!


My husband doesn't think I am funny but I know I am. So he sent me a few pics of us aren't we such a good looking couple! Love you babe!

Our Dad

This is just a classic that I love! GOOOOOOO TEAM!

I really think he had a little mullet growing up like in high school. So that is why this one had to be posted bringing back his younger self!!

Since we are missing our dad we thought we would do a post about him to let him know we are thinking of him and miss him and are ready for him to be home. Today we got a call telling us that he sent us an email well Trae thought it was hilarious so we needed to share a few of Trae's favorites. Honey you are one handsome guy!! Love you

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Have a Hot Dog

So last night we needed to get a quick dinner so we stopped at Sonic and the kids wanted a hot dog so we ordered them one and they came out and were like a foot long. I just started laughing! I have never had that happen to me before. So apparently you need to specify when ordering a hot dog at Sonic. The kids thought it was funny to cause the hot dogs were kind of wiggly. Good times.