Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ringing in the Christmas Season

Frosty the snowman was greeting us as we were out and about!
Yesterday in Pocatello they were having 4 little groups of activities for the kids which were all free. So I thought what a fun thing. I will go shopping in the morning and then Matt and the kids can join me in Poky. Well Trae thought it was a good idea as well cause when he woke up he kept asking all morning if Santa was ready. We went to see Santa first Trae was a bit shy and wouldn't talk to him at all. Kira just didn't know what to think of it all.

We then went and had hot chocolate and cookies. The kids really enjoyed the candy canes the most.
The it was off to jump in the jump houses and paint faces and of course the train ride. It was super fun but a little cold. We then went to make candy cane ornaments out of beads and they gave us popcorn while we crafted. Super fun day we had with our family. Thanks Dad for going into work a little late we had so much fun!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful Hearts

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We have so much to be thankful for right now.
*We are so very thankful to be back by family and friends. We have had so much fun being a part of everything we normally would just hear about while being in VA. (even tho we do miss everyone out east!)
*We love our new house in McCammon! Who would have thought that we would be living in the boonies. As Trae was taught to say. He thinks it is very funny.
*Our health. Everyone for the most part is healthy and growing so big!
*Very thankful that we have our stuff from VA. I have my kitchen stuff and the kids have toys! We can no longer say "it's in VA" if we can't find it.
*Very thankful for the gospel in our lives. As Trae would say I have to go to nursery so I can learn the gospel.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new blog!

I have started a new blog for my little bow business. It is The Little Bowtique Please come and check it out. Just keep in mind that I am just starting and if you don't see something you want let me know and I can make it for you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My new thing!

So I have been making and selling bows this past little while! I just did my first craft fair. I don't know if I will do that again it was a long day! But it was fun.

Here are all the bows that were for sale. But Kira has gotten quite a few more. It is fun I have even helped a few friends learn how to make them.
So if anyone wants some bows for Christmas let me know I will be happy to make any for you!

So nice outside!

It has been in the high 50's so the kids every chance they get have loved playing in our big yard as Trae calls it. We have a swing set so they will both just sit on the one side by each other and swing forever. So fun as you can tell by their excited faces.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What to do...

with my girl?! This is what i found the other day after running to grab something just in the other room I came back to find this. Apparently she really likes her yogurt. Funny girl.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trae's MICKEY Party!

This post is way late but I had to post about Trae's Mickey Party that he had so much fun at. We played Hide-n-Seek Mickey. The kids thought it was great. Their faces when they found it was my fav.
Trae loving his shhirt. Grammy brought shirts for Kira and Trae to wear at the party.

Kira showing off her new shirt. Love the face.
Of course we had to have a pinata. It is a must! I have to say I love the pulling the string ones cause the kids don't get hurt with a bat.
Trying to grab all the candy. Trae got a few pieces that he liked and he was content. Funny boy.

Our fun group! Shae, Gabriel, Trae, Luke, Brock, and Kira

Trae's cake he picked out. I cheated and bought the cake this year. Too much going on with moving a stuff. But he loved it so that is all that matters.
Opening presents. I thought I took more but I didn't or they didn't work. But he loved them all thank you everyone.

Trying hard to not blow the candles out again. Since he blew them out right when they were lit. He had to cover to make sure they didn't go out.

Kira was enjoying her cake.
The kids with their shirts. I could not get a picture with both of them looking. Surprise.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The ABC's of our Trae

Happy Birthday to our Trae!
A is for Awesome boy!
B is for Basketball and Baseball player!
C is for Cute kid.

D is for Doctors who he visits more regularly than other kids.
E is for Energetic.
F is for fishing with his Dad and then eating them.
G is for Good brother and boy!

H is for HAPPY all the time!
I is for ice cream but it has to be pink.
J is for Jokester! (Just like his Dad)
K is for Kisses he loves to give the and take them!
L is for Loving.
M is for Mama's Boy!
N is for Never missing a ISU game with his Dad and Mom.
O is for Oatmeal is favorite breakfast sometimes even dinner!
P is for Picky eater. It is a happy day when Trae will eat super good.
Q is for Quiet. He is very shy until he gets to know you.
R is for Runner. Loves to run everywhere.
S is for SILLY!
T is for Tricky Tricks. He loves to show us.
U is for Up to Neverland! A place he always says he want to go.
V is for Very Special.
W is for Wrestling with his Dad and Kira
X is for Xtra protective of his Sister.
Y is for Yummy candy or anything sweet!
Z is for Zoo one of his favorite places to go.

Trae we love you and are so glad you are a part of our family! You bring so much joy and laughter into our house.

Where have I been?

I know I have been mia for a while but we just got moved into our house in McCammon. Who would have thought that we would live here. We love it! There aren't neighbors that are closer than a quarter of a mile or so. As Grammy taught Trae we live in the boonies.
We have had a lot going on we just celebrated Trae's 3rd birthday and had so much fun but I can't find my cord right now so as soon as I find it we will have some major posting going on here.
But we are alive and doing great pictures to come now that we have internet!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a fun Halloween! We were in Soda for the fun activities. They had a carnival (pictures to come) in the morning. Trae loved it. We met our friends Nicole and Addie there as well. Then we went to the Trunk or Treat then to a few houses.Our Tinkerbell. She has this new thing she does with her mouth when we are taking her picture. Who knows with her. My sweet Peter Pan. He kept telling everyone that he really could fly!

Trae got to pick the costumes out for everyone this year. I was suppose to be Wendy put I just didn't feel like wearing a night gown all around town so since Dad wasn't here I was a pirate but not Captain Hook cause hes a boy and I'm a girl. So it worked out.

Trick or Treating. I started making the kids their bags but then had a crazy day and Grandma Sue helped finished them they loved them.

Spiderman (Gabriel) and Peter Pan they were Super Hero's who were going to save anyone that needed help that night.

She is so excited to get candy and carry her bag.

My tired kids. They were troopers. Trae just kept saying that he wanted to go to more houses. I have more pics but they are just on another camera so more to come.