Thursday, July 8, 2010

First boat ride.

We finally got to take our boat out for the first time the first of July after it had been sitting in the drive way for a week while Matt was out of town. We took it for a short ride in American Falls. The kids loved it.

Trae getting warmed up by the heater with Dad.
Dax loves the boat he will just crawl around on the floor and be happ the entire time.

Kira posing with Dax. She loves to sit in the front and curl up in a ball and ride forever.

My poser Trae. He wants to ride the tube nonstop I have a feeling he will be by boy that loves to water ski and just be out on the water.
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Slip and Slide

So we bought a slip and slide and I was setting it up and turned the water on and all of a sudden I hear Dax screaming well he was getting drenched by the sprinklers on the slip and slide. But then he was all grins.

Classic Kira was crying cause she got all wet and Trae was having a ball sliding on his stomach.

Dax loving the little pool at the end of the slide.
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Nothing stops Trae from going. Dax jsut sat there while the kids took turns feeling the water.


Dax's new way to sit in his highchair and eat is now putting his hand or hands behind his head while he eats. And of course smiling all the time as well.

The other day I couldn't find Kira for quiet time I looked everywhere even her room. Well in round 2 of looking I went clear into her room and this is what I found. She loves to sleep on the floor and just bundle up in her blankets. My funny girl.
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New Pool

While Matt is gone I feel like I have to be doing something all the time, my reasoning cause it wears the kids out and bedtime is a lot easier. So one day we went and bought a pool and it was the best investment ever. The kids have had a ball with it and will play out there forever.

Trae playing basketball and Kira trying to get him wet.

Right after I took both of these pictures they fell right in backwards. I was so sad I missed it.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trae water skiing

Kira loves to drive the boat.
Trae getting ready to ski

He is ready and pumped.
Here is a video of Trae water skiing for the first time.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First time at the pool....

this summer. We tried the pool out the other week with my friend Emily and her kids. My kids loved it until they got out. It wasn't a sun shinny day so they got cold after they got out and didn't want to get back in.
Dax loved it. He didn't mind the temperature at all and just wanted to be crawling every where no matter how deep the water was.

Towards the end he was out cold. I even moved him 3 times and he slept through it all.
We can't wait to go again when it is warmer.

Yaya's Baby Shower

the theme of the shower
Here was the food table. So many good things to eat.

My mom had little lady bugs every where.

The center piece for the food table
The flowers on teh favor table
The cute favors

Kinley's cute room. Ali has done a great job decorating.

Dax was into everything he loved all the presents and paper.
The girls. We had a lot of fun it was just a good day.

ISU Basketball Camp

Trae got to go to camp this year. He ws the youngest and littlest but the one with the biggest heart for this game. He tries so hard and everything he does when it comes to basketball. He loves ISU like his Dad, knows all the players by name and number, and loves to be in the gym whether it be playing ball or jsut watching practice. He had a blast and he told everyone about it.

Little Baller

We found one of Trae's basketball outfits. So fun to dress Dax in Trae's old clothes brings back memories of when Trae wore them.