Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Double Stroller

So I got given to me this double stroller last week. And I now think what did I do without one? Carry kids or was really creative with my big single one! I didn't bring any of my strollers with me when we came to TX but my good friend Christanie came to see us and brought her cousin in law with her. She wanted to go but her a new stroller so she gave me her old one which is still in great condition! Trae and Kira love it. It's not the best when Trae is sleeping and Kira is awake cause she just wants to get him (which he has it coming to him) but I fight her off but she just laughs. But we have loved it! We go on walks every night now! It is bearable to be outside at about 8pm so we take advantage! So thank goodness for double strollers!

Sharing a COOKIE!!!

So my dear Trae thought he would be the good brother that he is and share his cookie he got. Needless to say Kira thought that was quite nice of him. All of a sudden she was very quiet, so I asked Trae "Did you share your cookie with Kira?" As he told me "Yeah I do!" So this is what I found. And did she get mad at me when I took it away. Her face went bright red cause she was holding onto it so tight. and then I let go and ran to get some wipes and she hurried to eat what she could. She even had chocolate on her toe.

Thank you Trae for sharing!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

9 months

I forgot to post this as I went to the doctor with Miss Kira J or what Trae calls her Missy Missy. We went for her 9 month check up and she is a happy healthy little girl. She weighs 19.7 lbs (50 percentile) and is 29 1/2 inches long (90 percentile) Trae was never up that high he was short and chubby! I only hope Kira doesn't stay like this and pass him up! No fun to have a sister that is taller than you.
Kira keeps us busy she is doing many things a few milestones are:
* Walking along things and will walk with us holding her hands
* Eats really anything I will give her. I'm lucky if she will eat baby food. She likes to feed herself.
* Will follow Trae where ever he goes and gets into what he is playing with sometimes bugs him!
* Is starting to wave and kind of say HI or BYE
* Loves to swim and dunk her head in the water. She may start swimming before Trae
* Claps at everything anyone does but likes you to clap for her as well

We love our Kira J and are so very blessed that she is part of our "Happy Family" (Trae's fav song right now) Love You Kira J


So today Matt held correlation at 2. So we thought it would be fun to take Trae Miniature Golfing and did he have fun! It was a new concept for him he swung like it was a baseball bat.
Happy Kira J just hanging out watching everyone golf. She was a trooper!

Still smiling after being outside for an hour and a half.
Just hanging out!!

Trae figureing out the greens.
Dad and Trae

Good swing Trae!
Matt and I
Rob and Britney. She works in the office for us Trae loves to go to the office!
Greg and Alyssa
Our family. The kids were done by the end but Trae still had fun! And it was nice to do something in the morning with Dad.
The boys of course had to play a game before we left. All 3 of them were sitting in this little raft all paddling. Go Boys!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wet Trae!

So the other day we were getting ready to have a long day of shopping at the outlets. I got the kids ready first and then I was getting myself I had to take the laundry out of the dryer and put it on my bed which was all of 10 steps combine. As I was leaving I told Trae to keep brushing his teeth and to not get wet. I heard laughter as I was coming back and this is what I saw! I had to laugh for the fact that just topped my morning off! I had already had to sweep my floor covered in pancake mix, and had to entertain Kira while I got ready since a little boy decided she needed to get up.
I have no idea what to what to do with this little boy who has to be watched 24/7. He sure does keep me on my toes and we never have a dull moment at our house!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taking pictures of ourselves

Trae's favorite thing to do with my camera is set it on the timer and take a photo. He even acts like some of his toys are the camera and we have to act like its the real deal. So this morning I was ready for the day so we did it. He really thought it was a good deal cause he got to pull a silly face. Kira wasn't so sure about the blinking light but at least she is looking forward huh?!
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See she is getting more hair! So today I tried to get two pigtails and it worked. I have to say Kira is such a trooper for letting me do her hair but I guess since I have been doing it since she was born she is kind of use to it! As you an see Trae likes his hair done as well. He like to blow dry it. I will blow the front of his hair up sometimes but he likes the way it feels all over. Funny boy!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Creative toys!!

So being away from our house and all our toys you learn to be creative with the things that you have to play with.

Trae has decided the coffee table is a good parking spot for his Rubbermaid tote cars.
Trae & Kira's favorite thing to do is have anyone who is willing push them around the house. I started this in VA but we have wood floors so its a lot easier there. Here we have carpet so its a work out to just go around once. Needless to say we only do a few times a day.
A favorite place to go in these tote cars is the closets. Trae has a shut the door tight and then tells us as we are shutting the door to come find him. I introduced Hide and Seek last week. New favorite game. Kira really likes to go get Trae after we find him.
Trae wanted to hold Kira while I took a picture but she wasn't liking it too much she wanted to stand. But he had a good tight hold so she wouldn't get away.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fuuny Boy!

The other day I hear Trae in the living room just singing and marching around and I look to see what he was doing and this is what I found. My bowl on his head and hot pads on his hands. But these are not just any kind of bowls they are collapsible made out of rubber of some kind. Perfect for the summer sales wife that don't have room to pack much! Sue gave them to me and I love them as well as Trae does too.

My son likes to be up on the bathroom counter posing in front of the mirror, getting ready, and brushing his teeth. I am glad I don't have a big vanity in VA or else I would never see Trae.
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Miss Kira J

YES!!!! Kira J can have a pony on top of her head! She has had a mohawk from the beginning and it normally was a curl but it is too long now but she now has enough hair for a pony!!
Cute new out fit from Gammy! I have had the hardest time finding longer shorts for Kira and my mom found me some. So CUTE!!

New Sunday dress! She wasn't cooperating very good so this is as good as it got today with her.

Thanks Grammy! Loved the clothes!

Friday, May 16, 2008


So the other day I put Trae in time out and this is what I came to see as I went to get him! I have struggled finding a place that he just doesn't run and get down. Since in VA we have high chairs that I can put him on and he won't get off. So needless to say I need to find something else to do other than time out since he just looks and me and laughs now since I don't have anywhere to put him! I can only hope he will get situated being here in TX and we won't really have to do timeouts. Like back in VA.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ice Cream PARTY!!

So maybe I'm a little crazy but I had to have one last get together with the Turleys' and the Hunts' before we left. So I had a home made ice cream party! I think the kids liked it. They were all impressed that milk and sugar would turn into ice cream. Trae's took the longest but he just sat and enjoyed it with his sprinkles. We miss you Jackson, Maddux, Hannah, Ethan, & Baby Max. Joyelle & Amy I'm ready to play!
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