Friday, January 14, 2011

Decorating Sugar Cookies

I always let my kids decorate cookies during Christmas so we invited some friends over and the kids went to town. I would take pictures of the kids and Dax would start whining that I wasn't taking his picture.

The crew of kids. We threw in some Toy Story sprinkles and there were sore toy story than Christmas.
More sprinkles than cookie.
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Finishing the theater

Happy Birthday to Matt!!!
Matt when on a cruise for the company and it was his birthday while he was gone. I never get to really surprise him big so I thought I would finish the theater, he always kept saying I wish we had a sink and a place for snacks, so it got done while he was gone thanks to so help from one of his employees. I added the cupboards in the front and love how it turned out.


In the process
Before it always looked messy it doesn't any more.
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