Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My good friend Shelli is doing a great giveaway on her blog. She has so many fun ideas and patterns. And here is her giveaway.

Go to Needle in a Haystack

And the final bit of great news?
In celebration of spring, I am giving away three items to three of you lucky readers! The first is this cheery and completed "Spring Flowers" home decor pillow--no assembly required!

I'm also giving away one free hand-embroidery pattern in e-book form, and one digitized version for machine embroidery.

To enter, simply leave me an individual comment for each item you would be interested in winning. I will later group all those interested in the pillow together, all those who would like the hand-embroidery pattern together, and those interested in the digitized version together for three separate drawings.

For extra entries:
1. Become a new follower on my sidebar or continue being one of my great followers!
2. Post about this give-away and provide me with a link, or
3. Grab a button and place it on your site with a link to where I can find it.
4. Be sure to leave me an additional comment for each extra entry above with mention of the item you are hoping for. Whew! I hope that's not too confusing!

On all 4's

Is this little one really old enough to be on all fours. He can't move yet but really wants to and I am not ready for the moving baby stage. But I love his face when he gets up and is just happy with himself.
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T ball

Trae has started Tball this month and loves it. Matt is the coach and is great with the kids.
Matt told them to get low and ready for the ball to come and this was Trae's ready position.
There are 2 Trae's on the team. This little Trey is hilarious he is in his own world but Trae always makes sure he is doing what he is suppose to be doing.

Happy bot to be batting. They don't keep score so everyone bats and the last batter hits everyone in. Trae hit last last week so now he is telling everyone he hit a home run. We have really enjoyed watching him and watching his confidence build.

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New Chair

We just got Dax his new highchair and he loves it as do I. He will just chill in it while I make dinner. He will even sit up in it while we are eating. So fun how his little personality is coming out. He loves watching his brother and sister and will just laugh at them. We sure love him.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

First picnic of the season

We had gone to the grocery store and of course the bribe of being good to get a dounut was in affect. When we got home it was such a nice day that the kids wanted to eat them outside. I had to get a few shots of them they were so cute together. Love times like this. They really are the best of friends most of the time.

They were just chatting with each other the entire time. I would love to be able to hear what they are saying.
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My big Dax

When I got home from the cruise I was sure this was not my baby. He had changed so much he didn't look like a baby anymore. But WOW did I miss this face.

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Day 5 Cabo

Our last port was Cabo. The most modern city. We got a glass bottom boat which just had a little window in the bottom lame but then we went out to Lovers beach and snorkeled , then went back to the city and went to Hard Rock Cafe for some good regular food.

Lovers beach

Sea Lions just chillin
Pirate Cave
Jamie and I having a hard time getting our gear on and keeping our flippers on

Wow don't I look good?!
Jamie me and Jamie it was so much easier to snorkel with our life jackets like this. A local gave a pointer.
This is what Matt did on the beach all the while we were in the water.

The last days I didn't take any pictures. We got back on the ship and of course napped and slept through dinner. Then the last night we were so sick (my only time) cause the ship was rocking so bad. Kind of a bummer but all in all I think we all had a fun time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 we were in Puerto Vallarta! This was our favorite. We went zip lining where the movie Predator was filmed. It was amazing I wish we could have taken pictures of it. So much fun. Matt and I both really enjoyed it. We went with most of teh group except for the pregnant couples.

The city of puerto vallarta. It was pretty the views were gorgous. And we went to a taco stand in town that was amazing. Shrimp tacos were the best.
The group that went with us.
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Day 3

Our third day we were at port in Mazatlan. We would have done things so different looking back but live and learn. There was a kid in our group that had been on the cruise before and said we needed to go to Stone Island. Well Matt and I just wanted some good authentic Mexican food for breakfast. We found a place but it wasn't super good and they didn't even have homemade tortillas I was bummed.

Lovin on the amazing tattoo
Our ship behind us.
The boys boogie boarding
The boys riding the banana

Of course Matt had the band sing La La Bamba
Wow what an amazing tattoo. Matt was so bugged by the day activites as was I and a kid came up to him and asked if he wanted a tattoo and Matt couldn't say no because he needed to make his day better. So this is what he picked

Senor Frogs is everywhere there. So had to get a picture with the frog.

The city of Mazatlan

Day 2 continued

So Matt and I tried the fancy resturant that was on the ship. Matt trying to act like it was good food but it was not. Just a little too fancy for our taste. But I have to say my sandwich was really good.
A lot of the group laying out by the pool. Matt and I didn't but joined them for a sec. But I do have to say we were the only ones in the group that didn't get burned.
The aminal towels that were left in our room when we got back from dinner.
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