Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Happy Boy

Dax is thinking he is pretty cool since he can now get around. I am not thinking it is so cool. I like my babies to jsut chill and not move but dax didn't last long in this phase.

He got under here and was just rocking back and forth and just laughing.
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When Dad is gone....

this is how we go to bed. I am not one who like to to the bed time thing by myself either do the kids So when Dad is gone everyone is in my room on my bed. Then I move them into their beds after they fall asleep. We all miss dad when he is gone but they do like going to bed in my room.
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Miss Kira J's Dance Recital

This is her in her ballet number "I don't care if I never go to bed" She did great. It was so fun to watch her. And she really enjoyed herself as well.

Yes the tongue was not part of it but apparently it helped her out.

Shuffle step instead of a trick step. This was her favorite costume cause she got to dress up as Minnie Mouse.

Her and Grandma Sue her dance teacher
Kira and Quincie

Trae and Kira I could not get a normal picture of him.
Syd and Kira
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a I have a green thumb?!

My dear Dax is such a trooper when it comes to me doing things. I have found that this little one loves his stroller and will just sit and chill outside watching everything that is going on.

I did plant these flowers and got this flower bed looking good. But then this darn snow keeps coming I think I am going to have to replant some but a few made it through the cold weather. I have really kind of enjoyed doing this which has surprised me.
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Planting pots

While my mom was here visiting I had to put her to work cause I am just not the flower person like she is when it comes to pots.

Kira was Grammy's best helper with planting. Trae was off playing with friends but Kira was right by Grammy's side.
They turned out so good and I haven't even killed them yet.
What great curb appeal I am trying to create. My hanging plant dies in the last snow we had. But my pots are still going strong.
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Tub Time

Gotta love tub time.
The other day I finally let the kids bathe with Dax. They were ALL in heaven and thought that was the coolest thing ever. Dax thinks his brother and sister are the best thing around. He lights up every time they come into a room.

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