Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ward Party

We went to the ward Halloween party and thought we could catch Trae in the action but he just wanted to talk to the camera.

Then he thought the baby needed to be in it with him. I'm pretty sure they were the cutest kids there!

Trae had a ball. There was a little carnival and he loved the fishing pond and bean bag toss. when he would finish he would say "more." Then we went trick or treating. When we left i let him look at hs candy and I think he thought he hit the jackpot. I'm sure this is his favorite holiday!

Halloween Shirts from Yaya & Dusty

Happy Halloween! Here are the kids in their new shirts. Trae was so excited to get dressed today. He kept saying pumpkin, pumpkin and then pointing to his shirt and then Kira's. So it made his day that he got to wear his shirt. Thanks Yaya and Dusty

And what an I say about this picture? Is she not the cutest thing or maybe its just cause I'm her mom!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mr Talker

Whst can I say my son loves talking on the phone. He will come up to me with my phone in his hand and tell me who he wants to call. And now if he is not done talking he tells you Trae's turn. he sure knows what he wants. It does't stop with that he found an old cell phone or use the house phone and will carry on a whole conversation with who ever he chooses. Such a funny boy. But now you knowthat he really does like talking to all of you that call. Keep 'em coming!!!

Snuggle Bug

Don't you just love the footsie pjs. I had to open them up the other night since it got cold all of a sudden. But I love them they are so cuddlely and soft. I can't believe its time to pull out the warm pjs and clothes.
So we had a fun thing happen to us this morning. Last nigth it got cold but we don't have heating in our upstairs so we use space heaters. So we all head downstairs and turn the heat up and it doesn't kick on so Matt goes under the houseto check things out and the heater isn't working. Yes, fun for us. So I was worried because people here in Buena Vista are on their own time there is no rush at all. But I was lucky enough to get someone to come out to look at it. granted we are still waiting but the day isn't over! :) So wish us luck.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Trae at the SVU Homecoming football game. He went with Dad to get a treat as well. He asked the lady for popcorn and a sucker. He found himself a perfect seat as well, he sat where you have your feet but just tangled his feet and was on top of the world. He could see his own feet when he swung them and would just giggle. As you can see he can see his own shadow he liked to play peek-a-boo as well. I have such a funny boy.

A tradition at SVU is the Saturday morning of the homecoming game there is an alumni girls and boys basketball game. So Matt decided to take it to the court with the young boys. All the returners that he coached last year decided that they weren't going to let him score. So it was just a fun time for all out there. He was a little embarassed that i took pictures but it was fine. He did great.

Trae got a big sucker and thought it was cool but didn't really like the taste. he ate it for a second but just mostly enjoyed showing it to everyone to see their reaction.
We had a good time just a long day full of activities.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

Happy Fall!
I love the fall it is perfect weather and just fun to decorate. I got so excited when we drove to my sisters in Springville and at the end of her road there was a pumkin patch. In Virginia there aren't any I have found so needless to say we had to go! And don't they just make for cute pictures! Matt just laughs at me when I say that! Trae loved it he had a hard time deciding what pumpkin to take to Yaya's house but when he did he had to tell the guy there all about it.

Sitting in a truck full of pumkins
I had to stop after church to just get a picture since they were dressed cute. I know I am overboard!

Grammy and the kids. Trae wanted to sit on the pumkins

Thinking that is was a fun thing to do was sit on all the pumkins even the big ones!

Taking the pumpkin to the guy to pay for it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Highlights of our trip to the West!

My sweet Kira just sleeping and looking so precious!

At the store Trae found a bear as big as him and just wanted to keep giving him hugs! What a photo opportunity.

We stayed at Auntie Yaya's house. Trae's favorite place to play is their stairs. Also in the back with Harley the dog. Trae is just wondering guys when he is going to have some cousins to play with!? :)

Grammy came up from Veags to see us! Trae had so much fun I think he has Grammy wrapped around his little finger cause she does whatever he wants to do! Shes a good sport and a great Grammy! He loves her!

Trae has found his favorite cousin! It's Saxton! they had so much fun. Trae would wake up every morning saying Saxton Saxton. He wanted to play all the time. It was so fun to watch cause when Saxton would get to Grandma's house they both would get so excited to see each other. Saxton would take Trae by the hand they would be off playing either outside or inside they had a ball!

While Matt was in meetings all day I went to go see my favorite trainer, Ky and I were companions for only 7 weeks in the mission and we always said it wasn't fair that we only got to serve for such a short time but then maybe it was for the best cause we did have a lot of fun! But we did amazing things as well. Anyways she lives in Idaho Falls now and we doon't get to see each other very often so it was fun to let the kids play and us get to talk. Love ya Ky!

Trae loves dogs. He would get right in front of Sammy and say "Hi Dog!" or since Sammy likes to take the kids' food you could always hear Trae saying "no no no Sammy" We always knew where Trae and the dog were.

Trae loves to water at Grandma Sue's so he was pumped when Mom said he could go outside!

Grammy got him a new cow backpack for the airplane ride and he thought he was cool walking around with it! He was set to go.

So here are just a few higlights of our trip we had a great time seeing everyone and miss you all!