Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute Kids

Trae just wanting his picture taken. Isn't he such a handsome boy?!
I don't know what is with Kira's smile, but this is her outfit that she picked to wear to story time. She wouldn't go and get her other pink shoe she kept telling me that it was ok mom. But at least they were on the right feet. huh. She is so stubborn that you really can't change her mind unless it is her idea so I just went with it and she was happy so that is all that matters I guess.

Halloween Cookies

These are the kids' Halloween cookies that they decorated for the Clarks'.

I have been feeling like I am not going to be able to be crafty or be in the mood to bake right around Halloween so I thought I better get our cookies done before the baby comes. They had a great time and thought they turned out great. Which they did. And Sue C. was a great sport cause the cookie Trae gave her had a huge pile of frosting and candy corn. But she told him it looked great and it was very good.The kids have loved being close to the Clarks to bring them treats and go visit.


On Sunday I decided Kira's hair had grown a bit so I would try the famous pink curlers. I knew she wouldn't sleep in them so we just put them in that morning. She thought even with them in she was Woo Woo.

I don't know why they have to close their eyes.
Kira's curley hair. It was so cute on her.
The famous silly face. Every time I take a picture this is one they have to do.

Sweet Boy!

I have the sweetest boy! The other day Kira was so upset she wanted nothing to do with me or Matt all she wanted was her brother to snuggle her. So Trae got up in the chair and just sat ans rocked her for quite a while. I love these little moments of showing each other how much they love one another. They really don't like to do things without one another but yet there are times Missy can get on her brothers nerve. But its these little moments that I love to watch.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dancing Queen

This is her cool pose like brothers thumbs up pose.

Kira is still taking dance from Grandma Sue and loves it. She doesn't do good if I am late but if she is here when the girls come she is all for it and can even do the bunny dance for you. But she is pretty cute if I say so myself. It's just so fun having a girl in dance.

Fire Safety

Soda Springs has the best Storytime. We have really enjoyed going there. This past week it was fire safety day. The kids loved it. They got to walk around the BIG TRUCK as Kira kept saying, spray the hose and even honk the horn. So fun to see these things up close.

Trae thinking this was really cool cause the water went really far.

Kira just likes to be involved.

Trae up in the truck. Kira wouldn't go cause the fireman had to lift her up and she wasn't going to have that.

Showing off their new fire hats and goody bag. They wore their hats all day and are still loving coloring their fire safety stuff.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Womens Conference

We had the oportunity to go to Womens Conference the other weekend and listen to my Grandma sing in the choir. We spotted her twice on the big tv up close. And the choir was amazing to listen to which made for a very enjoyable evening. Fun times.