Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fire Safety

Soda Springs has the best Storytime. We have really enjoyed going there. This past week it was fire safety day. The kids loved it. They got to walk around the BIG TRUCK as Kira kept saying, spray the hose and even honk the horn. So fun to see these things up close.

Trae thinking this was really cool cause the water went really far.

Kira just likes to be involved.

Trae up in the truck. Kira wouldn't go cause the fireman had to lift her up and she wasn't going to have that.

Showing off their new fire hats and goody bag. They wore their hats all day and are still loving coloring their fire safety stuff.

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Ali said...

Man, the kids are going to think that Uncle Dust has a cool job when he gets done with school :)