Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picking Pumpkins

The kids went out with Hannah to pick pumpkins since the garden frroze a couple weeks before. they got 26 pumpkins and loved seeing if they could pick them up and carry them. So fun to go and pick things in the garden.

Kira was really trying hard to move the wheelbarrow, but decided to just pose for me!

Halloween Masks

We had a little craft that the kids just loved. It's great when you can only spend a $1 and it will entertain the kids for hours.

Homecoming in Rexburg

My cousin and her date before the Homecoming date. I did her hair and was there when she was getting ready. Trae loved being there as well he wasn't quite sure why he couldn't go and watch cause he was showing everyone his dance moves and they are good. Its always fun to be around girls getting ready for the big dances.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Splash Park

Rexburg has a fun little Splash Park at one of their parks in town. The weather was so nice that we wanted to go more than one day but just never got around to it. But we did end up going one day and the kids loved it. Trae had been sick a couple of days of being sick and I think he was still a little under the weather so he just walked around watching everyone and kind of playing in the water.

Kira thought she was really funny putting her head in the water.

They don't like water in their face so the slides weren't a huge hit cause you had to go through fountains but the fountains on the side were great. Next summer we will have to make more trips there.

Harvesting Corn

While at my Aunts the kids got to help go and pick things out of the garden. They loved it. One day we did corn. It froze so we just got the ones that we could. But they were troopers in trying to help out.

Kira was the best helper when we were husking it.

Playing Football

One of Trae and Ryans favorite thing to play was football. They would try to get Mark to let them put his real football stuff on but it was a no go. I loved watching them as did Kira she would sit on the stairs and just watch. Fun to have a boy that is only 2 months younger to play with.

Just cute pics

I just took a couple pictures of the kids that I thought were just cute. We have been staying in Rexburg with my Aunt and her family and had a great time. I think my kids are a little lost now that there isn't kids around all the time.

Trae and Ryan
Trae being a good brother and Kira being a pill
My cute Kira just being happy


So the fair in Blackfoot is my favorite thing in the world. I get really bummed if I miss it. And I almost didn't get to go this year but the last day I met up with Ali and Dusty to go eat some amazing food that I crave all year long. The kids got to ride the carousal and loved it. We also saw some animals most were gone but it was still fun I just didn't get many pics.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I received some zucchini from my grandma and had to get it shredded before they went bad. But I had this little helper who wanted to be right up there with me. She would hand me bags and then she decided that she needed to taste it she said it was pretty good.
Her new thing is that she shuts her eyes while she is cheesing. At least I got a smile.

Kira dancing

This is the only video I could get to work so this has to be it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kira's First Dance Class

Since we are in Soda Springs for a bit Kira wanted to tap tap with Grandma Sue. She did pretty good. When she didn't want to do something she wouldn't. I had to hurry back from my doctors appointment so she could dance so we were like 7 minutes late so at first she just went in her shorts but she didn't like that so we had to hurry and change into her leo but she wasn't a big fan at first of her ballet shoes cause they don't make sound. But she did great and enjoyed herself. My videos aren't working so I will try again tomorrow.

She was twirling and fell while everyone else was doing ballet
She needed to rest for a bit by brother. He went and got his dance pants and shirt and just wanted to dance as well or something. He didn't think it was fair that Kira got to do something and he didn't. But he is going to take gymnastics in Oct. but he just doesn't want to wait.
Jump out jump in

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dear Kira J

My sweet Kira is such a fun little girl. She has so much personality that sometimes I don't know what to do with her but she always brings a smile to my face.