Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christmas Day

Oh they are ready. Trae told me when I went to his room this morning that he knew Santa came cause he really heard him.

Rex and Ham to finish the Toy Story collection. It was a happy day and his Leapster He was busy all day

Dolls and a kitchen and this little girl is in heaven.

Dax loves cars and driving so this was perfect for him and was in it driving or pushing it around.

The kids wanted to give gifts that were just from them so they made Yaya a bag and D an apron. They loved painting on them and thinking of the perfect picture that they could make.
Dad got a lot of snuggles from Dax all day long
A shopping cart to go along with the kitchen. So fun it's one of Dax's favorite as well

Olivia from Yaya

Dad got another jersey to wear to the games.

Dax loved all the candy that he found around the house all day. He is my child for sure

Last surprise for Trae........
Oh what a priceless look. He loves air hockey and playing with his Dad. He was shocked and loved it

We had a great Christmas and were very spoiled. But very grateful for my family and the time we got to spend together.

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