Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowmobiling and Christmas bedding

For Christmas this year Grammy sent the kids Christmas bedding. Although since it is snowman I may leave it on through January. I got them flannel sheets Kira was so excited when I got the beds made that her bed was so soft.

Sweet dax loves to play with his dad peek a boo and cuddles.

Gabe invited the kids to come play with Brock and Luke with the snowmobile yesterday and the kids were in heaven. It was the first time my kids have really played in the snow (I know sad but they never had wanted to). They had a ball throwing snowballs taking turn on the sled and going together. Smiles all around even tho the adults were freezing.

Trae took Kira for a ride and apparently was scared for her life cause he was a crazy driver. Her face tells it all

Kira always wanted Luke to take her for ride he would let her drive a little as well and she thought it was great.

The boys. They have such a fun time with each other its nice that they are all close enough in age that they will just play.

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Ali said...

The bedding looks so cute! And I laughed out loud at Kira's face when she is riding with Trae. He looks like he is a pro, and quite confident about it. So much fun. Can't wait till Kinley is old enough to join in on the fun!